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Denver Coins --> Junk Silver - 90% Silver Halves, Quarters and Dimes

90% Silver - If you are looking to buy Silver in the most cost-efficient way, the 90% Silver bags from Denver Gold and Silver Exchange are a great option. Today, 90% Silver coin bags have become a popular way to invest in precious metals. As the price of Silver began to increase in the 1960s, the United States government passed a law that eliminated Silver as the underlying exchange for one and two dollar bills. By 1965, the government had ceased minting 90% Silver dimes, quarters, and half-dollars. As a result of the change in Silver content, the 90% Silver coins quickly faded from regular circulation.

For investors, these pre-1965 Silver coins have become an easy and convenient way to purchase Silver. Denver Gold and Silver Exchange offers a variety of face value bags that give you the opportunity to own Silver without the high premiums associated with 1 oz Silver bullion coins, such as the Silver American Eagle coins. In this category, you can choose specific coins by the bag. Denver Gold and Silver Exchange makes it easy to buy Silver by offering competitive Silver prices on all Silver products.

Denver Gold and Silver Exchange offers the ability to purchase 90% silver in small increments of $1 through full $1,000 face-value bags, with several increments in between. Each single bag purchase will contain only one denomination of coins. That means you may receive all dimes, all quarters or possibly all halves.

For large quantities allow 10 days for delivery.