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James William Denver (October 23, 1817 August 9, 1892) was an American politician, soldier, lawyer, and esteemed actor. He served in the California state government, as an officer in the United States Army in two wars, and as a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from California, as well as playing lead roles in local productions of Macbeth and Hamlet. He served as secretary and Governor of the Kansas Territory during the struggle over whether or not Kansas would be open to slavery. The city of Denver, Colorado, is named after him.


The purpose of business is the peaceful transition of goods and services between buyer and seller.

images/ebay-images/ship.jpgOur History - A Family tradition - We are Urban Gold and Silver Miners.

My great grandfather saved 2 years to bring his family to Colorado 1892: Came over from Italy thru Ellis Island. Brought with her 2 yo Anna. Italy Last Place of Residence: Date of Arrival: Aug 08, 1892 -- Ship of Travel: La Bourgogne Port of Departure: Havre Manifest Line Number: 0451 -- Ship of Travel: La Bourgogne Port of Departure: Havre Manifest Line Number: 0452.


They were farmers and coal miners. Making me a 4th generation and my son, Adam: 5th generation Colorado Miners.

Denver is rich in gold and silver -- they just built a city over it

images/ebay-images/mine.jpgFlorence Coal - I operated this building [Preparation Plant - that separated the rock from the coal - approx 2 tons a minute] 1980 to 1983.

One mile from this location: Few people realize that the second oldest oil field in the United States, and consequently in the world, is located on the lines of the Denver and Rio Grande Western railroad, at Florence, Colorado. It was in 1862 that oil production from the Florence field started, this being three years after the original discovery at Oil City, Pennsylvania.

Today we are Urban Gold and Silver Miners -- Located in Denver, Colorado.
Mining Days Florence Colorado
Urban Gold and Silver Miners
Urban Gold and Silver Miners
Adam and Aharon

Mining Days Florence Colorado

The Molly Brown House Denver, Co

First Lady Mamie Eisenhower Denver, Co

Richthofen Castle Denver, Co

Glenna Brewer Denver Capitol Building 5280 ft

United State Mint Denver

United State Mint Denver

United State Mint Denver

Golda Meir House Denver, Co

Brown Palace Hotel Denver Colorado

Bat Masterson Pueblo, Co Sheriff

Doc Holiday - Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Tom Mix - made Movies in Canon City Colorado

Prospect Heights, Colorado

Dal Deweese Canon City
  Tom Mix often landed in Jail in the Prospect Jail while filming movies in Canon City  

Glenna overlooking NORAD, Colorado Springs

My son with James Irwin Colorado Springs

Denver Broncos at Mile High
Broadmoor Hotel Colorado Springs, Co Broadmoor Hotel Colorado Springs, Co Broadmoor Hotel Colorado Springs, Co
December 2008 Glenna was diagnose will aggressive breast cancer -- day before survey I booked a room at the Broadmoor.  This year made our 6 return trip ....

My Great Uncle purchase the town of ghost Town of Chandler in 1942

Denver Gold and Silver Exchange in Denver, CO is pleased to present for auction: