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Denver Gold and Silver Exchange --> About Denver Gold and Silver
Three locations:
Denver Gold and Silver Exchange -- Map
5475 Leetsdale Dr 210R
Denver, Colorado 80246

Main Store -- Belcaro Paint
Parking on the North side of the building
-- across from the cash wash
Denver Gold and Silver Exchange -- Map
Hampton Street Antique market
Vendor 6
8964 E Hampden Ave
Denver, Co 80231
Denver Gold and Silver Exchange -- Map
The Emporium
Located at 200 Perry Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104
303-333-1411 (303) 721-7992 (720) 457-5122

Denver Gold and Silver Exchange
5475 Leetsdale Dr Suite 210
Denver, Colorado 80246

Open Monday - Saturday 10 am to 5 pm Call anytime - leave a message: 303-333-1411
Call anytime - leave a message: Main Number: 303-333-1411

Locally Owned by Larry, Glenna and Adam Brewer and have been in business in Denver for 15 years.  Our family came to Denver, Florence and Canon City Colorado as miners and farmers in the 1890s.

We buy your unwanted and broken gold, silver jewelry and bullion gold and silver coins

Everyone wants to earn cash fast, and there is no quicker way then selling old gold jewelry for money. But before you hand over your jewelry to a buyer, make sure you follow the instructions below so you can receive the maximum amount of cash for your jewelry.

Why do you want to sell? It is a good idea to determine why you want to sell your gold jewelry for cash. Sometimes we need fast cash to pay for new things, pay bills, or have extra money for taxes. In this case, you want to get rid of jewelry that does not have much sentimental value. Items to sell would include single earrings and broken jewelry pieces. Some jewelry, such as heirlooms, probably should not be sold no matter how much you need cash. If a piece of jewelry is worth more than the metal it contains, its best to hold onto it or shop it around to antique dealers.

Our History - A Family tradition - We are Urban Gold and Silver Miners.

My great grandfather saved 2 years to bring his family to Colorado 1892: Came over from Italy thru Ellis Island. Brought with her 2 yo Anna. Italy Last Place of Residence: Date of Arrival: Aug 08, 1892 -- Ship of Travel: La Bourgogne Port of Departure: Havre Manifest Line Number: 0451 -- Ship of Travel: La Bourgogne Port of Departure: Havre Manifest Line Number: 0452.

They were farmers and coal miners. Making me a 4th generation and my son, Adam: 5th generation Colorado Miners.

Denver is rich in gold and silver -- they just built a city over it

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