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1991 Mount Rushmore Commemorative $5 Gold Coin was issued for the golden anniversary
1991 Mount Rushmore $5 Gold

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- A -

accolated, conjoined, jugate
Design with two heads facing the same direction and overlapping.

Coins, tokens, etc., unsorted, unclassified, and unattributed; not a collection.

Filing down the face of an overweight planchet. Such filing marks often survive the coining process. This is common on 18th century coins.

aes grave
Cast bronze issue of the Roman republic; literally "heavy bronze."

aes rude
Large cast rectangular bronze coin, one of the earliest Roman coins.

Mixture of more than one metal.

A coin or other numismatic item that has been deliberately changed, usually to make it resemble a rare or more valuable piece.

American Arts Gold Medallions
A series of 1ounce and half-ounce gold bullion medals issued by the U.S. Mint from 1980-84. Medals depict great American artists, writers and actors. See also medallion.

American Eagle
Bullion coins released by the U.S. Mint beginning in October 1986. Five coins are available: a 1-ounce, .999 fine silver coin with $1 face value; a 1-ounce, .9167 fine gold coin with $50 face value; a half-ounce, .9167 fine gold coin with $25 face value; a quarter-ounce, .9167 fine gold coin with $10 face value; and a tenth-ounce, .9167 fine gold coin with $5 face value. Coins are sold at prices based on current metal prices plus a markup. See also eagle.

American Numismatic Association: Colorado Springs, Colorado

ancient coin
Generally any coin issued before A.D. 500.

To soften dies, planchets or metal by heat treatment.

ant nose
Primitive copper money of China ca. 600 B.C.

(Plural: asses) Bronze or orichalcum coins of the Roman republic.

Analytic test or trial to ascertain the fineness, weight and consistency of precious or other metal in coin or bullion. An assay piece is one that has been assayed.

The identification of a numismatic item by characteristics such as issuing authority, date or period, Mint, denomination, metal in which struck, and by a standard reference.

Almost Uncirculated (AU) - Small trace of wear visible on the highest points

Method of selling by which items are presented for sale to the highest bidder.

Authoritative determination of the genuineness of a numismatic item.

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