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- E -

A gold $10 coin of the United States.

Often termed the third side of a coin, it is the surface perpendicular to the obverse and reverse. Not to be confused with rim. Edges can be plain, lettered or milled (reeded or with some other repetitious device). Edges became particularly important with the advent of machine-struck coinage.

Educational notes
The Series 1896 $1, $2 and $5 silver certificates are called Educational notes because of the allegorical and educational themes of the vignettes. Replaced in 1899 with a new series.

A copy or reproduction of a coin, token or medal made by the electroplating process.

Naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver used for early coins of the Mediterranean region.

elongated coin
An oval medalet produced by a roller die using a coin, token or medal as a planchet usually a cent.

encapsulated coin
One which has been sealed in a plastic holder, especially by a third-party grading service.

encased postage stamp
A postage stamp unofficially encased in a metal, plastic or cardboard frame and intended to be used as small change.

A coin, token, medal or paper money item evidencing a mistake made in its manufacture.

essai; essay
In paper money, a print made to test a design; analogous to a trial strike in coinage. See also Proof.

(Pronounced "EXsurge") Area on a coin generally below the main design area, often site of date.

A broad category of non-money, non-legal tender numismatic items, including tokens, medals and badges. An economist is a specialist in exonumia. See also legal tender.

experimental pieces
Struck from any convenient dies to test a new metal, new alloy or new denomination; those testing a new shape; those testing a standard metal for a new denomination; and those representing changes in planchets for the purposes of combating counterfeiting.

eye appeal
The quality of a coin's attractiveness, distinct from any quantifiable measure of condition.

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