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- H -

Fine scratches in the surface of the coin. Not to be confused with die scratches.

half dime, half disme
A silver 5-cent coin of the United States. The Mint Act of April 2, 1792, authorizes "half dismes." See also disme.

Half Eagle
A gold $5 coin of the United States. See also eagle.

hammer die
The die that performs the striking action. See also anvil die.

hammer price
In an auction, the price the auctioneer calls the winning bid, excluding any additional fees the buyer may have to pay for the lot.

Hard Times token
An unofficial large cent-sized copper token struck in a wide variety of types during 1833-1843, serving as de facto currency, and bearing a politically inspired legend; or issued with advertising as a store card.

Gold bullion coins issued by Switzerland; also, the allegorical figure representing Switzerland. From the name given to the area by the Romans.

Usually a deposit of coins, secreted at some time in the past, discovered accidentally.

hobo nickel
An Indian Head 5-cent coin with Indian bust engraved to resemble "hobo" or other individual. Engraving may also alter the bison on the reverse.

A three-dimensional image on a flat surface, gaining experimental use as a security device on credit cards and printed currency.

A right-reading, positive punch used to impress wrong-reading working dies.

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