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inaugural medal
A medal issued by the official inaugural committee commemorating the inauguration of a U.S. president.

The opposite of bas--relief; design is recessed rather than raised. Used when referring to coins, medals, tokens and other metallic items.

Indian Head
The preferred name for the 5-cent coin often called "Buffalo nickel." Indian Head cents, gold dollars, gold $3 coins, $5 half eagles, $10 eagles and $20 double eagles exist. See also eagle.

Indian peace medal
A medal issued by a government agency to an Indian in an attempt to earn goodwill. The U.S. government issued Indian peace medals from the administration of George Washington through the administration of Andrew Johnson.

A method of printing using engraved plates. Paper is forced into the ink-filled lines of the plate, leaving a raised line of ink on the paper. All U.S. paper money is printed by the intaglio method.

As applied to value, the net metallic value as distinguished from face and numismatic value.

irradiated dime
Collectible made by exposing Roosevelt dimes to cesium or other radioactive substance and then placing in a special package; harmless, as any "acquired radioactivity" has dissipated by the time it reaches collectors' hands.

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