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- L -

Coinage defect consisting of a portion of the metal separating from the rest due to impurities or internal stresses; common with clad or plated coinage.

large cent
Refers to the U.S. cents of 1793 to 1857, with diameters between 26-29 millimeters, depending on the year it was struck.

large date
A variety of coin on which the date is physically larger than other varieties of the same year.

legal tender bullion coin
Governmen-tissued precious metal coins produced for investors, they have legal tender status, and usually a nominal face value, even though they are not intended to circulate as currency. See also bullion.

legal tender
Currency explicitly determined by a government to be acceptable in the discharge of debts.

The inscription on a numismatic item.

Denomination of various values and weights used throughout the ancient Greek world and in modern Greece, generally a small copper or bronze coin.

lettered edge
An incused or raised inscription on the edge of a coin.

A silver bullion coin of Mexico, containing 1 ounce of .999 fine silver.

A collector of wooden nickels and similar items.

love token
A coin which has been altered by smoothing one or both surfaces and engraving initials, scenes, messages, etc., thereon. See also token.

Surface quality of a coin, result of light reflected from the microscopic flow lines.

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