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mail-bid sale
Similar to an auction, but all bids and transactions are completed through the mail or by telephone; no bidding is conducted "in person."

Maple Leaf

A gold bullion coin of Canada. It is composed of .9999 fine gold. Produced in four sizes: 1-ounce with a $50 face value; half-ounce, $25; quarter-ounce, $10; and tenth-ounce, $5. Plural, Maple Leafs.

Maria Theresia taler
An Austrian silver trade coin dated 1780, but struck repeatedly since then with the one date.

master die
A metal punch used to produce "working hubs," which are then used to produce "working dies." See also die and hub.

master hub
A metal punch used to produce "master dies." See also hub and master die.

Matte Proof
Especially U.S. gold coins of 1908-1916, coins produced from dies entirely sandblasted with no mirror surfaces. See also frost and Proof.

An unidentifiable specimen, generally referring to a token.

Usually a piece of metal, marked with a design or inscription, made to honor a person, place or event; not intended to pass as money.

Depending on sources, a small medal no larger than 1 inch in diameter or a medal 35 millimeters in diameter or less.

A large Roman presentation piece of the fifth century. Sometimes used for a large medal, usually 3 or more inches in diameter.

medieval coin
A coin struck from about A.D. 500 to 1500.

The unofficial nickname given to the Winged Liberty Head dime of 1916-45. The designer never intended the coin to depict Mercury, a male Greek god with wings on his ankles. The bust on the dime is an allegorical female Liberty Head figure with a winged cap. Also, some coins have been plated outside the Mint with mercury to give them a "Prooflike" appearance; mercury metal is highly toxic and these coins should be destroyed.

Extremely small lettering difficult to discern with the naked eye, used as an anti-counterfeiting device on paper money.

milling; milled coin
Milling refers to the devices on the edge of a coin; a milled coin is one struck by machine. They are related due to the rise of the importance of the collar with machine-produced coinage.

minor coin
A silver coin of less than crown weight, or any coin struck in base metal.

Mint luster
The sheen or bloom on the surface of an Uncirculated numismatic object resulting from the centrifugal flow of metal caused by striking with dies. Mint luster or bloom is somewhat frosty in appearance as opposed to the mirrorlike smoothness of the field of a Proof. See also luster.

Mint mark
A letter or other symbol, sometimes of a privy nature, indicating the Mint of origin.
P: Philadelphia mint - D: Denver Mint - S: San Fanrancisco

Mint set
Common term for an Uncirculated Mint set, an official set containing one of each coin struck during a given year.

Mint State (Unc) - Absolutely no trace of wear.

Highly reflective surface or field of a coin; usually mirror field with frosted relief.

model, plaster
A clay or plaster three-dimensional design for a coin or medal.

modern coin
A coin struck after about A.D. 1500.

A medium of exchange.

Mount Rushmore Anniversary Coins: 1991 Mount Rushmore Commemorative $5 Gold Coin was issued for the golden anniversary of the Mount Rushmore National Monument, so it was fitting that a gold coin should be included in the offering. Along with the $5 gold, commemorative silver dollars and clad half dollars were also issued.

A coin, token or medal whose obverse die is not matched with its official or regular reverse die.

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