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Greek denomination equal to one-sixth drachma.

obsolete bank note
Note of an American bank of issue prior to 1865; a more accurate term than "broken" bank note, since many note-issuing banks converted into national banks or liquidated without failing. See also bank note.

The side of a numismatic item which bears the principal design or device, often as prescribed by the issuing authority. In paper money, this is called the face. In slang, the obverse is the "heads" side.

Printing method in which a metallic plate places an ink impression on an elastic blanket and is then transferred to the paper. Also, a term sometimes used to describe a blanket impression paper money error.

OPA token
A cardboard fiber token issued in the United States by the Office of Price Administration in 1944 during World War II. They were used to make change for meat and processed food coupons (to keep track of ration points awarded each family during periods of rationing). They were issued in red and blue versions. Both sides of the OPA token depicts a numeral 1 flanked by two small initials. See also token.

The date made by a Mint engraver superimposing one or more numbers over the date on a previously dated die.

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