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- R -

A comparative term denoting a high degree of scarcity. Often modified adverbially, e.g., very rare or extremely rare; or modified by the use of figures, e.g., R4 or R7. There is no universally accepted scale of rarity.

Red Book
Nickname given to A Guide Book of United States Coins, an annually published price guide. The cover is red, hence the nickname. Gives retail prices, or what dealers might charge for U.S. coins.

reeded edge
The result of a minting process which creates vertical serrations on the edge of a coin.

Raised. In coinage and medallic numismatic items, a relief design is raised above the surface of the field. Sometimes called bas--relief. Opposite of incuse and intaglio.

A copy of the original, a facsimile. A reproduction.

A numismatic item produced from original dies at a later date; in the case of a coin usually not with a view to meeting monetary requirements but to fill a demand for a numismatic rarity.

The side opposite to that on which the head or principal figure is impressed. The side opposite from the obverse. On paper money this is called the back.

Raised border around the circumference of a coin, not to be confused with the edge.

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