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U.S. Gold
Marketing name for American Arts Gold Medallions.

Uncirculated set
Set of coins issued by the U.S. Mint, consisting of one of each coin issued for circulated. Also called Uncirculated Mint set, or unofficially, a Mint set.

uncut sheet
Refers to the 32-note (or 32-subject) sheets of Federal Reserve notes being sold by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The 16-note and four-note sheets being sold are cut partial sheets, although they are often referred to as uncut sheets. Earlier sheets of U.S. paper money came with different numbers of notes.

Having a design on one side only.

Extant in only one known specimen. Very often misused, as in "semi-unique."

United States note
A specific type of note first authorized in 1862 and called legal tender notes; name officially changed to United States notes in July 1873. By law, $346,681,016 in United States notes must be kept in circulation. The term United States note is not a generic term for all forms of U.S. paper money.

upsetting mill
A machine that squeezes planchets so that they have a raised rim, in preparation for striking.

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