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Denver Gold and Silver
5475 Leetsdale Dr Suite 210
Denver, Colorado 80246

Main Number: 303-333-1411

Cash for Gold and Silver   
Main Number: 303-333-1411

Open Monday - Saturday 10 am to 5 pm Call anytime - leave a message: 303-333-1411

We buy and sell Gold and Silver

Denver Gold and Silver Exchange
5475 Leetsdale Dr Suite 210 - Denver, Colorado
303 835-8892 -- after hours 720-242-5949

We are family owned and operated -- Thank you for considering us -- Starting 16 years of Business - Everyone Welcome - ample Parking - We accept Visa and MasterCard for Jewelry only - Corner of Holly and Leetsdale...

-- Estate Jewelry sold by the gram
-- Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet - 48.9 grams - malachite - 4 bands
-- Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet - 32.5 grams - 3 white moon stones
-- Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet - 18.1 grams - 1 white moon stone - in a braid setting

-- Sterling Silver Thunderbird Pin Pendant Zuni signed KU - 7.7 grams onyx and mother of pearl 1.1/2" x 1 1/8" [1]
-- [1] -- Zuni multicolor inlay is an extremely popular expression of Zuni art. The rainbow of colors used is derived from specially cut pieces of turquoise, coral, jet and mother-of-pearl. Each of these represents a cardinal direction--turquoise representing west, coral (red) representing south, Mother-of-pearl (white) representing east, and jet (black) representing the nadir.

-- Sterling Silver Concho Dangling Earrings 10.4 grams Zuni-- 2" long with 6 dangles - stamped sterling - charming defines these earrings
-- Zuni inlaid fringe -- these have a delicate and gorgeous patina

-- Sterling Silver earrings inlaid with turquoise, malachite, and coral - 10.3 grams - post earrings
-- Turquoise Pendant - 5.2 - single stone pendant 1" long x 3/4"

-- Sterling Silver earrings - 2.7 grams - turquoise in tear drop and round shapes - post earrings stamped "spirit winds l.u.w. sterling"
-- Zuni stamped F.C. Zuni: Excellent craftsmanship can be seen throughout this wonderful pair of earrings! This piece of Native American jewelry is Zuni hand made out of genuine sterling silver and real Multicolor inlay. The inlay consists of: Turquoise, Coral, Pink Shell, and Mother of Pearl.

-- Sterling Silver Turquoise Pin / Pendant - 6.8 grams 2 1/2" x 3/4" Marked A.Pinto Zuni
-- Two sterling Puff Bears large bear: 9.6 grams - small bear 4.6 grams
-- Sterling Silver Turquoise arrow head shape stamped sj925 - 6 grams 1 1/2 in total length x 3/4"
-- sterling silver ring 1.3 grams - size 5 cool looking and very nice and excellent condition
-- all piece are in excellent condition - we have tried to describe the piece as accurately as possible: some pieces may have shell, opal or other stones.

-- See our You Tube Video to help you see size, proportion, design, color, and stones

-- Estate Jewelry sold by the gram - why buy new when you can get great value and save money!
-- Sterling Silver Chain
-- Sterling Silver Bracelet with stone
-- Sterling Silver Bracelet Bracelet with black onyx stone
-- Sterling Silver earrings
See our YouTube Video

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