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Main Number: 303-333-1411

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Main Number: 303-333-1411

Daniel Carr  is the designer of the actual New York and Rhode Island state quarters for the US Mint.

Colorado Gold and Made in Colorado
Designed by Daniel Carr and struck by Prospector's Gold & Gems, Ft Collins, Colorado

2011 1/10 Gold Coin .999

2012 1/10 Gold Coin .999

2012 1/10 Gold Coin .999 MS 68
Signed by Daniel Carr

2012 1/10 Gold Coin .999 MS 69
Signed by Daniel Carr
Our 1/10 oz Gold rounds are an excellent choice as an investment or collectible. The die work was done by coin die artist Daniel Carr. 100% Made in the USA from recycled gold or from fresh Colorado placer gold that has been refined to 24k .999+ fine gold. We can turn your scrap gold or coins into these coins and are always happy to buy them back. This is a perfect way to own fractional gold at an reasonable price. Most of the coins will have smooth edges, not reeded.

In 2007, Daniel Carr acquired a surplus Denver Mint coin press and since restoring it he has operated Moonlight Mint, where he performs the entire minting process himself: initial concept design; 3-D digital sculpting; die engraving; die finishing; coin press maintenance and setup; stamping of tokens and medals; and post-striking finishing (patina, etc.). Daniel Carr designed the backs of the New York and Rhode Island State Quarters.

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