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Denver Gold and Silver Exchange - We carry Gold and Silver Bullion - Made in Colorado
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2011 American the Beautiful 5 ounce Quarter Glacier / Gettysburg Largest United State American coin ever struck in .999 fine silver

-- 2011 50z Silver $.25 Glacier -- 2011 50z Silver $.25 Gettysburg
-- Early Releases Gem Uncirculated -- Early Releases Gem Uncirculated
-- Slab NGC Numismatic Guaranty Corp. -- Slab NGC Numismatic Guaranty Corp.
-- Legal Tender - Face value $.25
-- Composition: 99.9 Silver
-- Content: 0.999 Fine Silver (155.362 grams) Balance Copper
-- Diameter: 3.000 inches (76.2 mm)
-- Weight: 5.000 troy oz.
-- Thickness: 0.165 inch (4.19mm)
-- Edge: Lettered
-- Mint: Philadelphia

----------------------- 2011 Gettysburg America the Beautiful Coin 5 oz.

The first America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coin to appear in 2011 also marks the sixth for the program overall -- the Gettysburg Silver Coin. These strikes honor the military park in Pennsylvania which preserves the location of the American Civil War Battle of Gettysburg which was fought July 1-3, 1863. Credited with being the turning point of the war which lead to an eventual Union victory, the battle was the bloodiest to have occurred in the entire conflict. In fact, an estimated 8,000 men were killed with another almost 30,000 wounded. The site was also the location where President Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address several months following the battle.

------------------- 2011 Glacier America the Beautiful Coin 5 oz.

The second silver bullion coin to appear as part of the program in 2011 was the Glacier Silver Coin. The coins honor Glacier National Park which is located in the state of Montana. Glacier was originally established on May 11, 1910 and today covers over 1 million acres of pristine landscape. Inside the park, parts of two mountain ranges can be found along with over a hundred lakes and over a thousand species of plants and animals. The park also contains the Going-to-the-Sun Road which spans the park at 53 miles. The reverse depicts a classic view of the northeast slope of Mount Reynolds towering in the distance, while a mountain goat climbs over the rocky slopes of the park's high country.

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