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DENVER - A Beverly Hills, Calif. man bought a 1792 Birch Cent for $2.585 million at an auction in Orlando, Fla. last week. It is the most amount of money ever spent on a penny.

"When you feel these, and you pick them up and touch them, its hundreds and hundreds of years of history as to why we're here," Denver Coin Store owner Adam Brewer said, as he showed off his collection of old coins.

The history is a major reason this piece of copper sold for so much. In 1792, the newly founded United States was looking for a way to become less dependent on British currency. Also, the money they were using were printed in denominations unobtainable by the lower class.

"When Hamilton and Jefferson decided that we wanted to make our own coinage and Congress said to make a mint, they decided they wanted to have smaller denominations for the poorer people to be able to actually trade and buy stuff with," Brewer explained.


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