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United States Dollars

1884 Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar MS 65 ANACS

Own a historic Morgan silver dollar from the famed Carson City Mint!

Only about 2% of all Morgan silver dollars were struck at the short-lived frontier mint in Carson City, Nevada
A relatively small facility, it could not produce coins in the same quantities as other, larger mints
Just over 1.1 million 1884-CC Morgan silver dollars were struck

These coins of the Old West are in great demand among collectors – choose the grade you prefer of this low mintage issue!


The GSA Carson City Silver Dollar is a true symbol of the American West. The Carson City Mint in Nevada supplied Morgan dollars to Federal Reserve Banks across the country. It is also the only mint to use more than one letter on its coins—the unique “CC” mint mark.

An overabundance of silver dollars and the increased popularity of the dollar bills caused the Carson City Mint to close in 1893 after only 23 years of business. No coins have been minted there since.

Demands for silver in the early 1900s to support the war effort led to massive coin melts, and the stored CC dollars were believed to be lost. However, in 1964, the General Accounting Office discovered nearly three million uncirculated silver dollars from the Carson City Mint.

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